Archgroup Consultants is a well established multi disciplinary Consulting firm based in Dubai. With the resources of an experienced and talented pool of Architects, Engineers and other professionals we have completed many prestigious projects. Established by Issam Galadari and A. Korgaonkar the firm has grown over the years into a closely knit, efficiently managed team of professionals with a common vision.

Our track record boasts of a range of successfully completed buildings in the leisure, commercial, residential, industrial and retail sector. With in house capabilities of handling all aspects of a design, supervision and project management we have a reputation of fast tracking projects benefiting the Client with faster turn over periods from conception to realization.

In our decade plus presence in Dubai we have executed world class projects and between the team we have a pool of invaluable experience and talent. Having grown with the same core group right from the inception days we enjoy the benefits of synergy and harmony of vision. We can thus offer the best the industry has to offer in terms of design, construction and management techniques. All this combined with a client collaborative approach has earned us the allegiance of many satisfied individuals and corporations.

Our objective is to provide the most professional, competitive and client friendly consultancy service. In order to do this we believe in competing not with others but ourselves in a constant bid to raise our level of service and design excellence surpassing that of our client’s expectations.